Dallas-Based Anthony Hartman's Business Management Experience

Tony Hartman Anthony Hartman Dallas

Dallas resident Anthony “Tony” Hartman is a graduate of the University of South Dakota Graduate School of Business with a master of business administration. His areas of study included specialized risk analysis and risk management, which helped prepare him for a later position at Ellsworth Federal Credit Union. Earlier in his educational career, Dallas-based Anthony Hartman attended North Dakota State University and obtained a bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He also became a member of the Tau Beta Pi national engineering honor society and participated in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

A board member at several private companies, he possesses extensive experience relating to business management and development. His areas of interest include management consulting, creating business turnaround strategies, and personal development. He also has a thorough understanding of the importance of appointing an effective A-Team and engaging in good networking. In addition, Mr. Hartman has delivered lectures at various professional conferences and associations, including the Society for Enterprise Engineering Science and the National Re-engineering Conference in Washington, D.C.

Tony Hartman enjoys hiking, skiing, and travel in his spare time. He also possesses a private pilot license.